Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park.. is one of the North side community areas of Chicago... It covers a vast stretch of area bounded by Diversey parkway in the north, N. Avenue in the south, Lake Michigan in the east and Chicago River in the west.. This area was primarily forest with stretches of grassland until the late 1820s when the Europeans arrived.
Today it has many places of interest.. raning from zoo, conservatory, museum, parks to churches and universities..
Here are a few..

Chicago History Museum..
Formerly known as the Chicago Historical Society..
It was renamed the Chicago History Museum in September, 2006..
Address: 1601 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL 60614..
Founded in 1856, much of the early collection by the museum was destroyed in the Great Chicago Fire in 1871. The Chicago Historical Society built a fireproof building on the site of its pre-1871 building..
The current home of the Museum was constructed in 1932 .. The Museum houses some of Chicago's most important collection of materials related to local history .. For me, the biggest attraction was the first passenger car on the Chicago 'L' system [in 1893]..

Abraham Lincoln Monument..
Sculptor: Augustus Saint-Gaudens
Architect: Stanford White
Year Completed: 1887
Address: Lincoln Park at North Dearborn Parkway
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: December 12, 2001 ...
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Lincoln Park Zoo..
2001 North Clark Street · Chicago, IL 60614..
Founded in 1868, the Lincoln Park Zoo is the oldest free public zoo in the country..

Lincoln Park Conservatory..
Architect: Joespeh L. Silsbee
There are four display houses: the Palm House, Fern Room, Orchid House and Show House -
I've been to this place many a times, mostly to the Orchid House and Show House.. Awhole lot of photos taken in the Orchid House is posted in my blogby the same name..The Orchid House..

The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum..
Address: 2430 North Cannon Drive Chicago, IL 60614..
It's again one of the places I've been to many many times, mostly to the Butterfly Haven.. Almost all the photos in my blog, The Butterfly Haven.. click here.. has been taken at this Nature Museum..

Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool..
Architect: Alfred Caldwell
Year Built: 1936-1938
Location: At the north end of Lincoln Park Zoo at Fullerton Parkway..
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: November 6, 2002..
If you like a quiet, peaceful place, this is it!
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Elks National Memorial Headquarters Building..
Architect: Egerton Swarthout..
Completed: 1926
Architects: Ottenheimer, Stern & Reichert,Egerton Swartwout..
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: October 1, 2003..
The Elks Memorial is one of the Chicago's most grand commemorative buildings and is an exceptional example of a monumental building in the Classical Beaux-Arts style...
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# Chicago History Museum..
# Lincoln Memorial..
# Lincoln Park Zoo..
# Lincoln Park Conservatory..
# The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum
# Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool
# Elk Memorial
# Moody Church
# St. Michael's Church
# St. Paul University

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