Thursday, July 22, 2010

Milwaukee Art Museum: Windhover Hall

The Windhover Hall..
Directly below the Burke Brise Soleil, is the grand Reception Hall, called the Windhover Hall. It has a vaulted 90-foot high glass-ceiling.

The Milwaukee Art Museum website describes it as..
Windhover Hall is the grand entrance hall for the Quadracci Pavilion. It is Santiago Calatrava’s postmodern interpretation of a Gothic Cathedral, complete with flying buttresses, pointed arches, ribbed vaults, and a central nave topped by a 90-foot-high glass roof. An average-sized, two-story family home would fit comfortably inside the reception hall.

The hall’s chancel is shaped like the prow of a ship, with floor-to-ceiling windows looking over Lake Michigan. Adjoining the central hall are two tow-arched promenades, the Baumgartner Galleria and Schroeder Foundation Galleria, with expansive views of the lake and downtown...

Extending off north, from the Windhover Hall are two arched promenades..
- the Baumgartner Galleria, and..
- the Schroeder Galleria ..
The gallerias are parallel concourses that flank Lubar Auditorium, the Museum Store, and the Baker/Rowland Galleries..
On the south of the Windhover Hall is the Baumgartner Terrace..
These provide expansive views of the lake and downtown.
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