Thursday, September 8, 2011

City Hall-County Building: Interiors

City Hall entrance..

Cook County entrance..

City Hall-County Building..
Address: 121 N. LaSalle St./118 N. Clark St.
Year Built: 1905-08 and 1909-11
Architect: Holabird & Roche
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: January 21, 1982..
City Hall and Cook County, share the same building. Here are some images highlighting the interiors of the building..
Let the images speak for themselves..


Door details..

Door details..


Wall details..

Water fountain..

Water fountain details..


Ceiling details..

The building has many beautiful bronze commemorative tablets..
  • The iroquois Memorial Tablet..
  • In Memoriam..
  • The American Creed..

The Iroquois Memorial Tablet, by Lorado Taft.. For more, click here..

"In Memoriam" plaque.. For more, click here..

The American's Creed.. For more, click here..

The City of Chicago Seal..

Cook County Seal..
- The outline in the center of the Seal is a map of Cook County.
- The scroll bearing the legend January 1831 represents the time the County was created by the State Legislature.
- The ship sailing on Lake Michigan is symbolic of the County's geographical location as a shipping port and a center for all transportation.
- The group of diversified buildings are symbolic of the Government, schools, churches, fine arts, dwellings, business and industry which comprise the County.
- The entire design is encircled by a border with the printed words "Seal of Cook County."

# City Hall-County Building ..


Just Me said...

Very interesting building. Great detailed shots. I love the blog. Thanks

Larry Shure said...

Hard to believe most of that marble is just painted plaster!

Jyoti said...

@ Just Me- Thanks!

@ Larry- You got to be kidding!

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