Friday, October 1, 2010

Graceland Cemetery: Tomb of Martin A. Ryerson

Tomb Martin A. Ryerson
Graceland Cemetery ..

Architect: Louis Sullivan [1889]

Martin A. Ryerson [1818-1887] was a lumber merchant and developer. At his death in 1887, his son commissioned this mausoleum from Louis H. Sullivan, who had designed four downtown office buildings for Martin Ryerson.

The polished black granite tumb is inspired by Egyptian funerary forms. the mastaba for the lower portion and the pyramid for the top.

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Roger Hastings said...

Martin Ryerson was born in 1818. His son was Martin A. Ryerson.

The tomb was for Martin Ryerson, not Martin A. Ryerson.

Martin A. Ryerson commissioned Louis Sullivan to design the family tomb.