Monday, July 20, 2009

Designated "Chicago Landmark" structures in the Lincoln Park Zoo area..

Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park Zoo..

Lincoln Park Zoo ...
The Lincoln Park Zoo has many attractions, I would have never guessed that it has three "Chicago Landmark" buildings:
  • Cafe Brauer / South Pond Refactory
  • Carson Cottage / Men's and Ladies' Comfort Station
  • Kovler Lion House  

Cafe Brauer / South Pond Refactory ...
Completed: 1908
Architect: Dwight H. Perkins
Location: 2021 N. Stockton Dr.
Designated a Chicago Landmark on February 5, 2003..
The building is an outstanding example of the Prairie style architecture ..
On its second-floor is the "Great Hall", which is a fine example of Arts-and-Crafts design. Its designer, Dwight Perkins, was an important progressive architect in Chicago in the early 20th century..
# For more on Cafe Brauer, click here..

Carson Cottage ...
Completed: 1888
Renovated: 2007 ...
Architect: Joseph Lyman Silsbee..
Designated a Chicago Landmark on February 5, 2003..
It's a Victorian-style architecture ...
The Carson Cottage started as a men's and ladies' comfort station [public restroom facility]. Over the years it withered. However it was restored by the Lincoln Park Zoo supporrted in part by Save Ameria's Treasures grant. Now the cottage no longer serves as a restroom, but is the hub for more than 100 volunteers who tend to the zoo’s landscaping and botanical gardens..
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Kovler Lion House..
Completed: 1912
Architects: Perkins, Fellows and Hamilton..
Designated a Chicago Landmark on Novemeber 30, 2005..
The building has excellent brickwork and terracotta ornament, unique lion mosaics and a grand interior with vaulted Guastavino -tile ceiling, an innovative construction technology of the time..
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Cafe Brauer..
Carson Cottage..
Kovler Lion House..
Check out the map of Lincoln Park..


Anonymous said...

I have been to Lincoln Park Zoo many times, with my kids. I have crossed these buildings so many times, but I never knew the story behind them. Thanks for sharing your photographs and writing about them.

I especially liked the rehabilitation story behind Carson Cottage. Thanks for sharing!

- Kathy

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm actually a long-time researcher of the architectural firm Perkins, Fellows, & Hamilton, as well as their principle architect Dwight H. Perkins. Thanks for helping to educate people about their architecure as well as the great architecture we should appericiate inside Lincoln Park and the Zoo.

-Hannah A.

Jyoti said...

I'm glad you liked the information.

Thanks for your encouraging comment. Lincoln Park is indeed a great neighborhood.


123My Grandfather Frank Fisher a master brick mason was the one who did the lion and leopard mosaic (other side of building also)on the Kovler Lion House, in 1912.