Monday, November 14, 2011

Sculptural Ornamentation: Fragments from Garrick Theatre

Portrait bust on 827-831 N Dearborn Street..

Portrait bust on 827-831 N Dearborn Street..

Portrait busts on 827-831 N Dearborn Street..

Salvaged portrait busts from the demolished Garrick Theater..
Garrick Theater, or originally the Schiller Theatre was designed by Louis Sullivan and Dankmar Adler of the Adler & Sullivan firm. At the time of construction it was one of the tallest buildings in Chicago, with a magnificient 1,300 seat theater. In 1903, it was named Garrick Theater. In 1960, the Schiller/Garrick Theater was razed to ground and replaced by parking garage. The demolition instigated large outcry and is said to be the first wide spread preservation efforts in Chicago!

Some parts of the sculptural ornamentation, mainly the salvaged portrait busts, can be seen on some buildings in the city. These portrait busts are attributed to Richard Bock.
  • 827-831 N Dearborn Street..
  • 2421 N. Geneva Terrace..
  • 1945 N Lincoln Ave...
  • The Second City Theater

2421 N. Geneva Terrace..

Portrait busts on 2421 N. Geneva Terrace..

Portrait bust on 2421 N. Geneva Terrace..

Portrait busts on 2421 N. Geneva Terrace..

Portrait busts on 2421 N. Geneva Terrace..

1945 N Lincoln Ave..

Portrait busts on 1945 N Lincoln Ave..

Portrait bust on 1945 N Lincoln Ave..

Portrait bust on 1945 N Lincoln Ave..
When I took these photographs of portrait busts on 1945 N Lincoln Ave., I had no idea that these were fragments from the Garrick Theater. Much later I found out these are salvaged fragments from the now demolished Garrick Theater.

Portrait busts on 1945 N Lincoln Ave..

Second City Theater..

Portrait busts on Second City Theater..

Portrait busts on Second City Theater..

The Second City Theater..
Address: 1616 N Wells St, Chicago, IL 60614..
The facade features portraits of famous Germans. These are the salvaged piece from the Garrick Theater. Although noone knows for sure, who these portrait busts represnt, but Bob Burton has convincingly identified at least four busts found on the Second City theater..
Read the article, Who are the Overseers of The Second City Comedy Theater in Chicago? by R. M. “Bob” Burton, click here..

Giacomo Meyerbeer..

Fritz Reuter..

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart..

Gotthold Ephraim Lessing...

The Special Exhibit at Chicago Cultural Center, on Louis Sullivan's works..
"Louis Sullivan's Idea".. had some fragments from the Garrick Theater..

# Louis Sullivan Idea..


Dubi Kaufmann said...

There is one more of these heads on 2421 N. Geneva terrace (Lincoln Park) (not my photo)

adgorn said...

Amazing! I just completed my run to all these post-Garrick sites myself 11 days ago. My quest was surrounding the sculptor Richard Bock, who apparently was responsible for the busts. Regarding Second City, see my waymark:

Second City Busts

Contains detailed info about the busts and reference to a great piece of investigative journalism regarding determining who the busts were of.

In addition to the locations you mention, there are more busts at 829 N Dearborn and 2421 N. Geneva Terrace (also has other fragments embedded in the walls.)

Jyoti said...

Dubi - Thanks for the info. I sure will check that out!

Adgorn - Thanks again! Your waymarking site has some great information.

A query - I had read that 820 N Dearborn Street has some sculptural ornamention from the Garrick Theater. But nothing on that building remotely looked Sullivanesque to me!! Did I miss something??? Or am I mis-informaed???

Jenny Woolf said...

What an amazing building. I'm always impressed that people took such a lot of trouble with details which probably most people wouldn't take a close look at.
And seems like there are so many of them!

Jyoti said...

Thanks Jenny for writing!
Very well described. YES there are many who obssess over things, which most dont bother much about.. And it's fun!

Jyoti said...

Finally I saw all the TEN portrait busts, that I am aware of.. Please let me know if there are more...

MelissaQ said...

Not sure how I ended up on this blog. I was born in Chicago. Sadly, I grew up in Texas, except the summers I would spend with my aunt in my beautiful city. I love it, and miss it. Sadly I had no idea that such great Architecture exisisted in that part of town. Great pics & Great blog.

Jyoti said...

Welcome Melissa!
Thanks for writing.
My blogging slows down in Dec., due to excessive work pressure. Will be back soon... as soon as Christmas is over! Stay around..

Lefty Lucy said...

There are magnificent pictures. Some of the most unique and intriguing pieces I have ever seen. Chicago sure has some lovely art. I will be there in April, and need to see some of these beautiful monuments. Thanks for sharing.

Jyoti said...

Lucy - Best wishes for your trip! Thanks for writing!

G H Karmele said...

I have a 7 foot statue of a female, many of which I'm told lined the walls of the Garrick.

Are there any images showing those details or other info?

Jyoti said...

Karmele - that's interesting! Why dont you share the images of what you have and write about how you got them?

G H Karmele said...

... sounds good!

G H Karmele said...

... sounds good!

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your great blog. Re: Garrick Theatre portrait heads. Those busts with bottom left and right sections missing were generic figures from the tower cornice. The complete round portrait busts were on the 2nd floor loggia overlooking Randolph. I salvaged the bust of Goethe, a colleague salvaged the bust of Wagner. Thanks for the wealth of information you provide.
David Norris

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Anonymous said...

My dad and his stone workers were the ones that dismantled and moved the busts from the
Garrick theater - they were never given credit for the work.

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