Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Field Museum of Natural History: Reliefs panels and Caryatids by Henry Hering

The Field Museum of Natural History

The skull and the ankh really caught my eyes...
I had learnt about ankh only a few days back. It's an ancient Egyptian hierogyyphic character that reads "life".

Anthropology - by Henry Hering,
Relief panel: Winged female figure holding a human skull and an Ankh

Geology - by Henry Hering
 Relief panel: Winged female figure holding a globe
with North and South American continents and a torch representing fire
Caryatids - by Henry Hering
I have yet to photograph relief panels "Botany" and "Zoology"
For a very interesting read about the Field Museum architecture.. click here


adgorn said...

Very nice pictures! I love your interesting finds like these.

Viera said...

Brilliant...very nice post...

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid long ago, the Field Museum nwas my favorite place along with the (original building)Chicago Historical Society. Thanks for a great post. Al Kuhn

david said...

This is really human wisdom that could build such a wonderful and amazing Museum

kostas said...

I think its not Egyptian but Greek,about your comments on the photo.
Happy new year,regards from Thessaloniki.

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Jasmine V said...

Beautiful. This is history and history is what makes our city great! It blows my mind to know that this was hammer and chizel stuff. I've just started following a sculptor online and it's given me a much deeper understanding of this kind of work!

Jasmine V | Belgravia Group

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