Thursday, August 5, 2010

Louis Sullivan's Idea - IV

- Schlesinger & Mayer Store [1899]
- Holy Trinity Cathedral [1903]
- Krause Music Store [1922]

Schlesinger & Mayer Store [1899]..

Balustrade removed after a fire in 1968..
The single screw that attached the balustrade to the stringer was celebrated - not hiidden - as organic forms flowed around it and visually embraced its important point of connection.

Holy Trinity Cathedral [1903]..
It is one of only two churches designed by Louis Sullivan..

Krause Music Store [1922]..
Krause Music Store [1922]
Louis Sullivan's last executed architecural projects was creating the terracotta facade for a small music store designed by one of his former draftsman, William C. Presto. Initially fearing that Sullivan will reject the project, Presto found him pleased and grateful to have the work. To help insure that the project will be built, the terra cotta company supplied the material without markups, at the cost of $3,770.

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