Monday, May 23, 2011

South Canal Street Railroad Bridge

South Canal Railroad Bridge..
Type: Vertical lift Railroad Bridge..
Completed: 1915..
Built by Waddell and Harrington..
It's the only such example of vertical lift bridge on the Chicago River..
The bridge was originally owned by the Pennsylvania Railroad.
Now it is owned by Amtrak.

Especially like is the bridgehouse on the top on the bridge..

Also like when the bridge looks like one tall building..


adgorn said...

I took some cool pictures of this one last summer after going to a nearby vintage record (vinyl) sale. More info at:


Jyoti said...

That's cool!

The site you referred, has a lot of information on this particular bridge, but I could not find much on the 18th Street Railroad bridge!

Fred said...

It looks a bit rusty... does it still go up and down?

Jyoti said...

Fred - YES! It works!

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