Friday, February 4, 2011

Chicago Cultural Center - Photograph by Jan Theun van Reese

A segment of the glass dome, by Healy & Millet in the G.A.R. Rotunda, at the Chicago Cultural Center.. And how does it look from behind ???
Jan Theun van Rees' photograph below, shows just that..

Jan Theun van Rees
Cultural Center
Above GAR Dome 1 XL, Sep, 2005
Archival pigment ink on canvas..
Jan Theun van Rees is a Dutch photographer.

Rod Slemmons, MoCP Director, writes about Jan Theun van Rees..
[MoCP - Museum of Contemporary Photography]
Architectural photographers generally make buildings look like they don’t. We correct perspective, eliminate background distractions, and wait for that perfect 15 minutes of daylight that makes the fa├žade look like the architect’s drawing. And, of course, we do what photography is best at—we record surfaces. Jan Theun van Rees has broken through these conventions and gone beneath the visible skin of buildings here in Chicago. In a sense he has made the buildings transparent, allowing us access to the seemingly chaotic and asymmetrical service spaces and structural components that support the elegantly even exteriors...
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Katherine R. Lieber, explains his works as, he exposes Architectural privacy, spaces that lay hidden or dormant, yet graced with unexpected harmonies and rhythms -- Jan Theun van Rees's photographs study the inner workings and forgotten rooms of vintage buildings..
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This photograph by Jan Theun van Rees, exposes the space behind this glass dome, by Healy and Millet, in the GAR Rotunda at the Chicago Cultural Center..

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Ultra Local Geography said...

It makes for some interesting photographs, but I'll be glad when the concrete shell is removed and the dome is illuminated by natural light again.