Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chicago Cultural Center - What is this?

What's this?
I'm guessing a mythological creature??
Whatever is it, is there a theme???
I noticed a recurrent occurrence of this creature.. bronze sculpture at the entrance, engraved in mosaics of the grand staircase and on staircase landing.. and even on the ceiling in GAR Hall..
Is there a theme, or just my imagination?
Have I put totally unrelated figures together?

Bronze sculpture at the Washington Street entrance..

Engraved in the mosaics at the grand staircase..

GAR Hall ceiling..

And there is more...

Look at this closely at the Grand Stairways from Washington Street entrance.. The below image shows the details.. and it's there..

And here is the Randolph Street entrance.. and look at the details on ceiling below... Theese creatures are there....

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Anonymous said...

Those repeated creatures you saw all over the Cultural Center look like dolphins, to me. Look at the head. It is definitely dolphinesque, and sway of the body gives that same impression.