Monday, April 6, 2009

S. Dearborn Street [Manhattan Building - I ]

Manhattan Building..
Address: 431 S. Dearborn St.
Year Built: 1891
Architect: William Le Baron Jenney
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: July 7, 1978..
The architect William Le Baron Jenney was one of the pioneers in the development of tall buildings. It reached the then astounding height of 16-story in 1891.

The plaque reads ...
Chicago Landmark..
Manhatten Building
William LeBaron Jenny, architect

The Manhatten is Chicago's oldest surviving steel-frame building. It's architect was a pioneer in the development of steel frame construction, which along with the invention of elevator, made possible the modern skyscraper. Bay windows admit maximum light to the interiror spaces.
Designated a Chicago landmark on July 7, 1978
By the City Council of Chicago
Michael A Bitandic, Mayor
Commission of Chicago Historical and Architectural Landmarks.

The distinctive bay windows provide maximum light to the building's interior spaces, while the combination of a granite [lower three floors] and brick facade [upper stories] help carry and lighten the load of the internal steel framework.

There are some amusing grotesques on the facade of the building..
For more images of the grotesques, click here..

For more images..
Manhatten Building-II: Sculptural Ornamentation..

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