Monday, April 26, 2010

Chicago Riverwalk: An ongoing project ..

If only it was possible to walk uninterrupted along the Chicago River from Lake Shore Drive to Franklin Street.. .. In the fall of 2007, Mayor Daley established a Riverwalk Development Committee to help the city with the design and vision of Chicago Riverwalk .. It works along with CDOT..
CDOT: Chicago Department of Transportation..

Chicago Riverwalk is runs east-west along the lower Wacker Drive from Lake Shore Drive to Franklin Street.. But there are many interruptions, where a person needs to climb the stairs, cross the street descent another staircase to resume the riverwalk path.. Pedestrial underbridges will solve this problem..
And two such pedestrial underbridges have been completed..
- Michigan Avenue Underbridge
- Wabash Avenue Underbridge

Michigan Avenue underbridge..
is about 17 feet wide..
The refletive canopy protects the pedestrians from falling debris, and is also a good place for self-portraits! Everyone should take self-portrait there!

Wabash Avenue underbridge..
is about 20 feet wide.. It's three feet wider than the 17-foot under-bridge at Michigan in order to extend the riverwalk beyond the Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Wabash Plaza and continue the pathway to State Street..

So now one can walk along the Chicago River to the Wabash Avenue..
However, there is no bridge underpass for the State Street bridge..
Future build-up of the Riverwalk between State Street and Franklin Avenue will occur as funds arrive. The City is still developing concepts for raising funding for the remainder of the Riverwalk, estimated in the tens of millions of dollars.
The goal is to complete the pedestrian promenade, along the entire South branch of the Main Branvk, allowing for contoinuous access at the river level under every bridge..


Frank de Jol said...

With great pleasure I read your blog (not only watch pictures) ;-)
It is written in simple and understandable.

As regards the self-portrait, since everyone should take self-portrait there! ....
......maybe one day I'll do a self-portrait in this place....

L. Shure said...

I had my doubts about the Michigan Bridge underpass. But it's really sharp and complements the structure nicely.

Jyoti said...

Hi Frank,
Thanks for your very kind words
And, I'll be very happy if you one day you do take your self-portrait there.. Meanwhile the thought counts!

Hi Larry,
I really like the Michigan bridge underpass.