Friday, January 2, 2009

Tiffany Dome at Marshall Field's [Now Macy's]

Tiffany Dome..
Installed: 1907
Designed by Louis C. Tiffany
This Tiffany dome was built in 1907, which makes it more than a 100 years old. It is both the first dome to be built in favrile iridescent glass and is the largest glass mosaic of it's kind. It contains over 1.6 million pieces. The late Louis C. Tiffany designed this glass mosaic dome...

"Favrile" means handmade and the "iridescent effect" was obtained by mixing different colors of glass while hot. "Favrile iridescent glass" is a type of art glass patented in 1894 by Louis Comfort Tiffany...


  1. well this is literally an insane thing to start building with.

  2. that's tiffany for you.. i went there just yesterday to check it out.. and it was as you said, insane!! 1.6 million glass pieces.. ekekekekekkk.. it was truly magnificent.

  3. Sally A. Kitt Chappell, Architecture and Planning of Graham, Anderson, Probst and Wite, 1912-1936, p.275, states that the Tiffany Dome (a mosaic vault) was designed by Edward H. Bennett.

  4. I have lived in this town all my life and gone into Marshall Fields (now Macy's) more times than I can remember . . . I had NO idea this even existed until I went on the Tiffany Chicago Architectural Tour and our guide Joan. You never know what treasures are around you unless someone in the know points them out to you!

  5. I live in Colorado and want to go back to see this, plus other places built since leaving ChiTown in 1965. Former Northsider, Portage Park area.