Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oak Park [Bust of Frank Lloyd Wright - by Egon Weiner]

Frank Lloyd Wright [1867-1959]
by Egon Weiner
Location: Austin Gardens, Oak Park

Placed on this site in celebration of the
bicentinnial of the American revolution,
and Oak Park proud heritage.

# Egon Weiner - Pillar of Fire..
# Egon Weiner - Polyphony..
# Egon Weiner - Brotherhood...


adgorn said...

I really like Weiner. There's a copy of Polyphony up in Milwaukee at the UofW campus. Three other sculptures include "Learn of Me" at the North Park College Campus, "Enter Into His Gates with Thanksgiving" in La Grange and "Ecce Homo" in a courtyard at Augustana Lutheran Church in Hyde Park.

Jyoti said...

Thanks Alan. very informative, as always.

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